Holistic Approach Appointment

What to Expect

Expect to be both seen and heard.

Expect to be treated with respect and honor.

Expect me to show up on time for your appointment.

Expect a quick turn-around time between you contacting me and me getting back to you. Unless I'm traveling, teaching, with family, or taking excellent care of another patient--then I'll respond as soon as I am able.

Expect to tell your story in your own words. Your choice of metaphors will help me hear more than you say.

Expect to play an active role in your own holistic approach & healing journey.

Expect to accept responsibility for your actions, including your health outcomes in response to your actions.

Expect to be real and honest with me. I can't provide best care if you withhold vital details.

Expect the unexpected, including tears, raucous laughter, and celebratory dancing.

DON'T expect me to read your mind.

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Reason for Visit

*** Please be detailed & specific when providing the reason for your visit.***

Dr. Smith likes to be prepared & do his research before hand for the most up-to-date holistic approach health information to be able to discuss all possible holistic health options & recommendations related to your chief concern. 

*Additionally, please be aware if you are browsing with Internet Explorer or your browser is not updated, you will be unable to see my scheduling system below. If this is the case for you, please call (815)782-3974 to schedule an appointment.* 

Holistic Approach Health Appointment

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