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Cultivate a happier, healthier, and more productive team with guidance from Dr. Smith.

Improving occupational efficiency is accomplished by pairing mindfulness training, biofeedback training, ergonomics, movement, nutrition, optimal hydration, & sleep hygiene/tracking that helps ensure you’re in optimal mental & physical shape to extract the most value from your work hours. This program is all about producing optimal performance, efficiency, and balance. The techniques and training involved in this Corporate Wellness program are evidence-based to enhance productivity and morale. The research shows that a healthier and happier employee has improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, decreased healthcare cost, and elevated morale.

This program offers on-site visits to assess work environment & behavior, a presentation explaining your unique workplace needs, personalized ergonomic assessment & instruction, tension reduction & functional diaphragmatic breathing instruction, prevention strategies for repetitive stress injuries, and visual handouts foe enhancing posture and functional breathing.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Their day-to-day efficiency impacts your quarter-to-quarter performance. Make an investment in your team with Corporate Wellness Training!

Former Clients Include:

Tech Companies & Startups: Amidst demanding timelines and development sprints, mental sharpness can go by the wayside. Our wellness training ensures you’re in tip-top mental shape to tackle the tasks & challenges on your plate with clarity & efficiency.

Investment & Capital Firms:

It is a necessity to address & correct muscular tension resulting from long hours on the floor or terminal, while instilling habits to stave off the mental fog & fatigue - thus ensuring that your career can be as long as it is fruitful.

Legal & Consulting Firms:

Presence of mind in paramount when clients needs demand sustained creativity, exertion, & attentiveness. With improved mindfulness, you can stay clear & sharp and not succumb to mental fatigue or creative burnout.

Questions about our Corporate Wellness Program? Please contact Dr. Smith for more information.

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