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Naturopathy recognizes the body's natural ability to heal itself by promoting natural healing before medical and pharmacologic interventions. Our team takes a holistic approach to treatment by addressing multiple aspects of a patient's health instead of just the symptoms. A naturopath is a professional caregiver who focuses on naturopathic treatments incorporating a wide range of nontoxic therapies intended to restore homeostasis to the body.

Naturopathic treatment is available at Aceso Natural Medicine in Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville and the surrounding area. As a naturopath, Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB strives to identify and treat the underlying cause of illness in the patient. We prioritize complementary and alternative approaches to medicine such as nutrition, homeopathy, botany, hydrotherapy and more.

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Common Issues a Naturopath Can Treat

Pursuing natural remedies can provide numerous benefits to patients. By addressing the whole person — mind, body and spirit — a holistic health plan can be created to treat all areas with an emphasis on underlying root causes. Our team devotes our time to help customize a treatment plan for the patient. This plan involves helping the patient make lifestyle changes to boost their health.

With this in-depth assessment, we can help patients identify and treat the specific areas that are causing the most pain. In some cases, our treatment may work alongside other traditional methods. In other cases, our treatment may help provide relief when traditional methods are ineffective. Common reasons for seeing a naturopath include:

  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Acute or chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

Many of these issues can be co-occurring. Due to this, traditional medicine tends to only focus on the symptoms instead of the root cause. At Aceso Natural Medicine, Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB focuses on the sources causing the symptoms. By recommending specific lifestyle changes and treatment, we can help patients begin the path toward long-lasting relief.

A Naturopath Approach

Fundamentally, natural health utilizes a combination of nutrition, stress management, exercise and a variety of complementary and alternative therapies intended to improve overall well-being. This treatment also focuses on bringing about a return to homeostasis for and within the body. This perspective is not at all anti-medicine. Instead, it complements it and provides additional alternatives.

Additionally, many practitioners in the health care field are proponents of natural health and integrate it into their practice to treat all the symptoms described here and more. Taking various medications such as a sleep aid at night, excessive caffeine during the day and additional medication for pain, depression and other issues can have side effects on the body. With our treatment, we can help the patient make changes to their health, diet and lifestyle routine to promote oral health.

Chronic pain and fatigue, lack of sleep and things like hypertension and diabetes can impact one's mental and emotional state of mind, which affects the quality of life. Creating an entire health plan and prioritizing the issues requiring more immediate relief can produce a positive outlook and hope for achieving some of the patient’s health goals. Whatever the symptoms, the patient can expect a thorough assessment and extended time devoted to addressing all concerns.

The Treatment Process

During the initial appointment, we will need to review the patient's medical history and their current condition. By examining their medical history, we can examine any existing conditions and the past treatment methods they attempted to treat the problem. New patients will need to fill out a "New Patient Information Form" that covers their medical history, current condition, insurance, allergies and any other pertinent factors we need to know.

If several issues are occurring together, it is not uncommon to prioritize that which is the biggest concern. By focusing on treatment in this way, patients take an active role in their healing journey and hopefully see some immediate relief as they continue treatments. Naturopathic therapies include many options and techniques. Nutrition and stress management may be necessary to identify food sensitivities and promote general well-being. Acupuncture and homeopathy are additional approaches that may help.

We will customize the treatment to the patient's individual needs. Naturopathy could be an incredibly effective method to employ whatever challenge the patient may be facing. Natural healthcare is free from pharmacologic interventions and complementary to medical treatments and has been in existence in some form since ancient times. Our providers work with the patient to identify root causes and prioritize concerns to create a plan that impacts the whole person at the root level.

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