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Holistic Approach Appointment

  • Expect to be both seen and heard.
  • Expect to be treated with respect and honor.
  • Expect me to show up on time for your appointment.
  • Expect a quick turn-around time between you contacting me and me getting back to you. Unless I’m traveling, teaching, with family, or taking excellent care of another patient–then I’ll respond as soon as I am able.
  • Expect to tell your story in your own words. Your choice of metaphors will help me hear more than you say.
  • Expect to play an active role in your own holistic approach & healing journey.
  • Expect to accept responsibility for your actions, including your health outcomes in response to your actions.
  • Expect to be real and honest with me. I can’t provide best care if you withhold vital details.
  • Expect the unexpected, including tears, raucous laughter, and celebratory dancing.
  • DON’T expect me to read your mind.

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