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Naturopathic medicine is rooted in science. The practice, which goes back to ancient times, seeks to achieve wellness through a whole-person approach. This is accomplished through the discovery of each client’s unique characteristics and then utilizing noninvasive therapies to restore all aspects of well-being. A naturopathic doctor is a medical professional who practices medicine that takes the patient's psychological, physiological and functional components into account when developing a treatment plan.

Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB at Aceso Natural Medicine is a naturopathic doctor who treats patients in Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville and the surrounding area. Naturopathic doctors are medical professionals who have obtained either a medical degree with training in naturopathic medicine or a Doctor of Natural Medicine degree from a graduate medical program.

If you are interested in seeing how our team can assess your health and provide customized treatment with naturopathic medicine, call us at 815-782-3974 today and schedule an appointment.

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Naturopathic Doctor Principles

Our team strives to provide the customized treatment plan to help patients achieve the healing, balance and healthy lifestyle to boost their overall well-being. We assess all aspects of a patient's health, including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

To accomplish this, we spend intensive time with you completing a thorough assessment that includes a comprehensive health history, any particular concerns and a prioritized list of health goals. Identifying underlying root causes to health challenges is a chief concern.

When we identify and treat root causes as opposed to treating symptoms, we are often able to accomplish sustainable results that positively impact health. Lifestyle choices, environments and toxicity all play a role in one's health. We factor in these external influences in exploring barriers to health.

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB takes a unique treatment approach that focuses on:

  • A holistic whole-person approach
  • Natural elements and interventions to help the body heal
  • Identifying the root cause
  • Treating the root cause instead of just the symptoms
  • Prevention to help promote the sustainability of health
  • Educating the patient on at-home care techniques

We see patients for general health care and preventative measures such as diet, exercise and achieving personal health goals. They can also help address and treat acute and chronic conditions that may or may not link to underlying causes. Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB can help treat and address the same issues a general practitioner or primary care physician can address.

When You Should See a Naturopathic Doctor

We also help patients who need treatment for deeper medical issues that mainstream medical interventions are not effective in helping to treat. Migraines, chronic pain, depression, hypertension, diabetes and other chronic conditions are just some of the challenges our patients have faced.

The benefit of our approach is that we leverage alternative non-pharmacologic therapies, but we can also integrate with and employ traditional medical methods. Treating symptoms with prescription medication can sometimes carry risks such as contraindication, adverse reactions and the emergence of additional side effects. General physicians may end up having to prescribe other medications to treat the side effects of the current medication.

Supplements do not replace all prescriptions. However, they can introduce nontoxic support that works naturally within the body with proper use. Our practice is vastly more extensive than merely offering supplements, however.

The Treatment Process

Myriad tools, interventions and approaches exist to treat patients within the realm of natural medicine. The type of treatment we recommend will vary per the needs of the patient. Various treatment options we offer include:

  • Biofeedback
  • Homeopathy
  • Reflexology
  • Stress management
  • Detoxification
  • Clinical nutrition

Since each patient is different with their own set of unique presentations and needs, we customize a tailored treatment plan that works specifically for the patient. We will need to review the patient's medical history and current condition. This review will also include any knowledge of any past attempts to treat the current illness or health problem.

This background information helps Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB establish a baseline from which to learn more. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB will take the time to answer any questions and take any concerns into account during the initial treatment.

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Following the initial appointment, we will then conduct any tests we need to help us determine the source of the patient's pain and recommend treatment. Once we finish customizing the treatment plan, we will schedule an appointment to review our findings and recommendations with the patient.

Our treatment plan may involve a variety of lifestyle changes, along with other methods. The goal is to help our patients make necessary lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain lasting relief from their symptoms. After the patient achieves the necessary health goals, then they can begin focusing on maintaining the new changes. Lifestyle counseling, exercise therapy and additional goals may play a role.

This treatment can help patients gain confidence as they increase empowerment and motivation in alignment with improved health outcomes. Call us at 815-782-3974 to learn more about how our treatment can help you today.

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