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Peak Performance Optimization

Athletes, Executives, Business Owners, & First Responders Train for Peak Performance

Peak Performance Medicine are for those interested in performing at their highest level every day (getting the most out of it) to increase their overall performance. It starts with making sure your foundations of health are optimized, such as your nutrition, hydration, necessary supplementation, and sleep. Then our focus becomes monitoring the nervous system via HRV biofeedback and training simple mind-body techniques to make the nervous system stronger, build neurological resiliency, and improve cognitive performance in critical moments!

Training Recovery

Everyone trains their skills, strength, conditioning, & knowledge. Peak Performance is all about training RECOVERY! Our nervous system knows well before our physical body knows we are fatigued and we can access this information by monitoring our HRV. By monitoring and training the nervous system via daily heart rate variability (HRV) measurements using a Polar Heart Rate Strap or Oura Ring/BioStrap, we can more appropriately manage training load requirements to get the most out of training sessions/practice, identify & limit overtraining and injury states, identify stressors inhibiting optimal performance, assess and train RECOVERY, as well as increase focus and concentration, decrease pain and inflammation, and build resiliency in the nervous system! Training recovery utilizes many tools, such as HRV breathing, necessary supplementation, mind-body techniques, pulse-electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF therapy), audio-visual entrainment (AVE), and cranio-electrical stimulation (CES).

Critical Moments

Once your foundations and recovery status are optimized, it’s time to train your nervous system to perform at its best during critical moments. This means training your nervous system using functional breathing and other mind-body practices during simulated critical moment so we can create a state of “Flow”. Flow is a term to describe nervous system balance, meaning not an overly activated nervous system (Sympathetic) or too restful nervous system (Parasympathetic), but Autonomic Nervous System balance. Once an athlete or patient becomes aware and is mindful of their behavior patterns, thought patterns, breathing patterns, posture patterns, etc. they can then Self-Regulate in the Moment and Perform Optimally!

Holistic Performance Approach

This is a comprehensive, holistic approach utilizing state-of-the-art technology you can visualize in real-time the impact and contrast of your compromised behavioral patterns limiting your optimal peak performance. Learn how to optimize your performance by training Smarter, not Harder!

Performance Biofeedback

Dr. Smith also sees athletes utilizing Performance Biofeedback for Pain Management, Injury Rehab, & Improving Specific Biomechanics using muscle activation sensors (EMG Biofeedback), temperature sensors (Thermal Biofeedback), and sweat sensors (Electrodermal Biofeedback) to help cut recovery time in half!

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