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Naturopath Nutrition

As a Naturopath using evidence-based nutrition practices, Dr. Smith applies therapeutic diets to address a patients unique health or disease state. Out of all the Naturopath Services & Alternative Therapy, this is where I start with most patients.

Nutrition Aceso Natural Medicine

Herbal Medicine

With knowledge of indications & interactions of over 200 herbs, Dr. Smith utilizes botanicals as an alternative therapy to support every body system. Herbs can up or down-regulate certain biochemical pathways, just like pharmaceuticals, but in a much gentler way with fewer side effects when dosed properly.

Herbal Medicine Aceso Natural Medicine


This is a safe, noninvasive alternative therapy that uses hot & cold water externally to stimulate lymphatic & blood flow to a certain area, thus stimulating the immune system & tonifying the circulatory system. Contrast hydrotherapy, constitutional hydrotherapy, & steam inhalations are a few methods of application.

Hydrotherapy Aceso Natural Medicine

Environmental Medicine

Also known as detoxification therapy, or cleansing; the alternative therapy aims to support the body’s process of reducing the overall toxic load by up-regulating detoxification pathways and increasing excretion & elimination of toxins. It has specific application in those with toxic exposure (i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, chemicals, particulates, preservatives, etc.), chronic diseases, weight gain, skin issues, gut issues, brain fog, etc. There are more troublesome toxins in our Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville & surrounding areas environment than you probably know!

Environmental Medicine Aceso Natural Medicine


Biofeedback is a safe, noninvasive alternative therapy to teach patients how to regulate the function of their mind & body, such as muscle tension, breath rate, heart rate, etc. Biofeedback sensors connected to your body provide you with information in real time about how your body is functioning. With this feedback, you learn to make subtle adjustments that create new psycho-physiological states and lead to such changes as better sleep, pain reduction, blood pressure regulation, improved mood (anxiety/depression), and increased focus & concentration.

Biofeedback Small Aceso Natural Medicine

Mindbody Medicine

MBM focuses on the dynamic relationships among the brain, mind, body, & behavior, and how they influence & effect health & disease. This approach includes such practices as biofeedback, mindfulness training, breath work, compassion training, guided imagery, meditation, progression relaxation, cognitive reframing, meditation, and therapeutic posture & movement.

Mind-Body Medicine Aceso Natural Medicine

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