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Stress is a daily struggle for many people around the world. Work problems, family responsibilities and relationship issues can cause people to become stressed out. No matter the age of the person or the source of it, stress can even result in physical symptoms. Stress relief involves various treatment techniques that help to relieve physical, mental and emotional symptoms of stress in one's life.

Stress relief is available at Aceso Natural Medicine in Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville and the surrounding area. Ignoring one's stress can result in the stress building up and causing other problems in the body. Under the direction of Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB, our team can help to provide relief for complications of stress such as irritability, digestive issues, headaches, trouble sleeping, depression and anger.

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Benefits of Holistic Stress Relief

There are many different ways to deal with stress, and one effective technique is to use holistic, natural treatments. We can design a holistic treatment plan that may help the patient avoid using prescription medication to deal with stress unless it is necessary. Holistic stress relief focuses on a variety of strategies to improve the entire body's wellness. With a naturopath, the patient can focus on lifestyle changes that aid stress prevention.

This whole-body and natural approach offer more benefits than simple relief from tension and stress. Patients can experience more satisfaction in life and learn tips to help deal with stress throughout life instead of getting a quick, temporary fix. Here are the specific ways the patient can benefit from holistic stress management:

  • Better sleep at night
  • Improved concentration
  • More positive thoughts throughout each day
  • Ability to relax and unwind
  • Boost in energy

To help patients achieve these benefits, we will identify stressors that interfere with one's ability to focus throughout the day and get the proper amount of sleep each night. With effective and healthy stress management, we can help patients experience a boost in energy. We can help patients manage symptoms, so they have a higher chance of experiencing long-lasting relief.

Understanding Stress

Stressful situations create more problems than just a sense of anxiety or worry. The body responds to stress with specific biological processes that can make the stress even worse. The body is wired to release different stress hormones during those times of worry or anxiety.

The two main hormones the body releases during stressful situations are adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause:

  • The body’s muscles to tighten
  • An increased heartbeat
  • A rise in blood pressure
  • An increase in breathing rate

While in certain short-term, intense situations these hormones can be helpful, making the patient more alert and more focused, long-term exposure to them can be damaging.

The Naturopathic Stress Relief Process

A naturopathic treatment plan concentrates on alleviating the body's response to stress and learning management techniques. One way to do this is with a custom diet plan that focuses on nutritious, wholesome foods and healthy fats to balance blood sugar and reduce cortisol.

Another natural technique for stress management is to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, which can activate adrenaline in stressful situations. Exercise is yet another method that helps redirect the stress hormones into productive physical activity.

One aspect of stress relief that Dr. Michael R. Smith, ND, BCB may consider for patients is meditation. With meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly, the patient may be able to further their treatment. In some cases, patients will learn to control their body's response to stress. We will also make recommendations for dietary changes to help with stress relief.

A Customized Treatment Approach

By working with the patient, we will help to create a customized treatment with naturopathic and holistic remedies that work alongside any traditional treatment methods the patient is receiving. With specific lifestyle changes as well, our patients can achieve stress relief and learn to maintain it on their own. We can help patients maintain a calmer and more peaceful space in their head and body.

Stress management techniques require a commitment to changing one's lifestyle and living each day with one's health in mind. We can also help patients see a positive change in their overall attitude. We can work with patients to guide them to the right stress management techniques that may help them feel more in control.

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