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Naturopathic Care vs. Conventional Care

Conventional Medicine focuses almost entirely on the physical body & physical treatments. It has limited itself from many effective treatments, things which tend to be more cost effective. It’s unwavering commitment to the use of pharmaceutical drugs and symptoms suppression philosophy are its greatest limitations. In fact, adverse drug reactions are the leading cause of physician-caused disease and the cost of pharmaceutical drugs is one of the main reasons why healthcare costs are out of control.

Our current healthcare system in the U.S. is a Disease Management System, where we intervene when there is already an established disease. There is no focus on preventing disease and we do not teach people how to be healthy, or promote healthy lifestyle & behavior. Conventional Medicine is reactive instead of proactive in their approach to healthcare, so of course we spend more per capita than any other nation on healthcare, BUT by any measure of healthcare outcomes we are at or near the bottom. We are spending more and have less & less to show for it. Most healthcare professionals know this and many agree that the current system is BROKEN. Learn more about Naturopathic Medicine here:

The Naturopathic Care Difference

There are so many other ways of treating common conditions that don’t involve drug therapy, such as mind-body interventions, dietary adjustments, & other lifestyles measures that can all be addressed to improve health before a pharmaceutical drug is started.

During a Naturopathic visit, significant time is spent educating the patient so that they understand all of their options and can make an informed decision about their health from a place of knowledge. In this model, the patient becomes very empowered to make decisions about their care. The patient becomes engaged in the process and is respected as an ally & member of their own healthcare team & decision-making. I educate all of my patients on their conditions & diagnoses, effective treatment options, drugs & supplements they are taking, accurate timelines for treatment, proper follow-up, prognosis, as well as encouraging self-responsibility for their health. I also wholeheartedly believe in the therapeutic potential of the doctor-patient relationship & the trust that is cultivated as a result.

So, if you’re looking for a different approach that focuses on health promotion, instead of symptom suppression… I would be honored to guide you through your healthcare journey. Learn more about my journey to Naturopathic Medicine here:

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